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The customer service is a major channel of communication with the customer and the target market. The first impression of this service may be very determinative. An effective business contact and administration helps the company to win a favorable rating.

In case of dealer firms, it is essential that those colleagues working on the field
and deal with

  • recording orders
  • giving product information
  • administrative complaints
  • or just giving general information

be accessable anytime and be at service to the clients with up-to-date information instantly.

In the FMCG market very often TeleSales Service is also working. These colleagues are expected to serve their customers with the same efficiency and background information, such as working in the field representing the PDA device.


Why is it effective?

  • Advanced screen for the customer and item database
  • Structured database for business processes
  • Effective and quick searching in large, for example among 10-20 000-records
  • Order recording with background information of trade promotions
  • Possibility of having a look at previous orders of the customer
  • Monitoring at active outstanding debts of the customer at transaction level
  • Making notes for customers or transactions

Features of TeleSales application

  • The TeleSales application can work both in addition to the PDA system, as well as can work independently in support of customer service.
  • The application interface can connect to the ERP, where the master files are updated in a specific area, regarding the prices or the previous shipments.
  • The structure and dynamics of the forms ensure that even without using a mouse, but only the keyboard, TeleSales staff is able to record data with extra speed, or even search in customer or item database.
  • TeleSales staff can see the customers’ orders even back in the past months, the amounts of active outstanding debts, trade promotions subject to the customer and other notes, comments
  • TeleSales staff can work on the basis of daily calling list with one-touch dialing system Members of the TeleSales team in cooperation with the sales representatives on the field can take up their duties, even though a tour day schedule, which may be left out due to illness.
  • The application is customizable, and it is possible to implement the specific business processes
  • The work carried out in TeleSales application can be evaluated expeditiously and efficiently

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