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Data related to commerce, distribution or production arising on spot are of primary importance for every company. The efficient collection, forwarding and processing means a competitive edge in any area of the economy.
MOBISOL Magyarország Ltd. is designing unique and individual programs, which effectively support the processing of extensive data both through PDA terminals and mobile data collectors equipped with a bar code reader.

Our company has been developing software for individual mobile devices since 2004. Our programs are Hungarian intellectual products in their entirety; thoroughly tested and based on our clients' feedback they are acknowledged to be reliable. We provide unlimited warranty for the commercial and industrial applications supplied by us.
Our colleagues have between 8 and 10 years of professional expertise both in ICT and business processes. Our objective is to prove for our clients that an ICT project:

With respect to time and costs can be delivered according to schedule
The cost of program can be custom tailored
It can be documented in a way, which is clear for anybody
It will generate foreseeable return and growth

All these are achieved through project management, methods applied during programming, consultations and support. We consider it to be a part of our mission to provide our clients not only with a program, but rather a real and valuable service measurable for our clients. Our achievements in this regard are confirmed by our references.

Beside the basic business processes we are also offering customized solutions for any individual ideas of your company. Take a look at the systems of MOBISOL and its services!

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