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Data collected on the field are valuable if they can be evaluated expeditiously and efficiently. The purpose of MOBISOL Infoservice is to store and process the data obtained from the PDA system. The reports prepared from the MOBISOL Infoservice are helpful not only in substantiating executive decisions but based on access privileges the field user can also follow his/her performance froma home computer. The system can be either integrated in the administration system or it can be operated independently.

The MOBISOL Infoservice can cover several tasks:

1. Reports
  • From management to area reps users can access data based on access privileges presented in the form of structured reports in a company format.
  • In the reports the business turnover data can be compared to merchandising surveys, or to the evaluation of the representative's performance
  • The tour plan of the representatives, their daily production is accessible and can be evaluated
  • The reports can be in pdf, html or xls, flexible new additions can be added to them
  • The reports can run automatically as batches, and being forwarded to any e-mail addresses
  • The queries are accessible online in a secure mode, also from abroad,
  • The database of the MoBISoL Infoservice if there is a "quasi online" communication is updated with the new field data every 5-10 minutes allowing the reports to show the actual situation in the field
2. Editing

The MOBISOL Infoservice permits the introduction of extra functions in support of sales without modifying the existing central administration.

  • Editing, modifying tour schedules
  • Editing and modifying merchandising surveys
  • Inserting monthly evaluation aspects of field representatives
  • Recording and assessing POS and marketing materials
  • Handling complaints
  • Setting access privileges
The MOBISOL Infoservice can be operated in two different ways:

  • Our reporting system can work independently; no connection is required to the client's administration system. In this case only the core data are updated towards the Infoservice.
  • With the help of the Infoservice any administration system can be linked providing an automatic two-way data flow. This allows the automatic entry of orders into the commercial module of the administration while the core and commercial data (such as discounts, promotions) are being constantly updated towards the PDA.

Our system supports AXAPTA, Nagy Machinátor (The Grand Machinator), Progadat, CSB, DVK, Exact and other individually designed administrative programs.

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