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The MOBISOL PDA system allows the colleagues working on the field to be well-informed without using any paper, precisely record the data using the most economical form of communication possible. Our PDA system is beneficially used by field representatives, service people working from the shelf and representatives working with a distribution van. We recommend this for any sector where on spot administration, data input is important.
We are offering three basic systems for companies who wish to introduce the PDA system expeditiously and efficiently. New additions can be added to the programs and they can also be developed towards individualized systems.

The basic programs of the MOBISOL PDA system:

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Mobisol PDA Adatgyűjtő logo
MOBISOL Representative
MOBISOL Distribution Van
MOBISOL Data Collector

The functions of PDA applications are technically endless, our clients can pick and choose according to their needs or they can request individual programming based on their new ideas.

Examples for the PDA feature applications not claiming to give a complete list:

  • Setting a tour schedule
  • Recording tour days and routes (mileage, timeframe)
  • Recording new costumer's data
  • Handling target tasks
  • Viewing business turnover data
  • Viewing core data
  • Handling receivables and credit limits
  • Looking up delivery information
  • Looking up previous orders
  • Recording orders
  • Store inventory
  • Handling the stock with reps
  • Store complaints, handling return items
  • Samples, handling POS, POP items
  • Monitoring listings
  • Monitoring the competition
  • Preparing price review
  • Preparing shelf review
  • Reviewing promotions, evaluation of seasonal promotions
  • Preparing reports, task management
  • Daily closings
  • Monitoring the job of the representatives
  • Transferring market information
  • Receiving news letters, forwarding messages
The PDA program can be adjusted completed with flexible new additions, one function can be provided in several ways matching the need.

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